Board of Advisors

Riley P. Bechtel, Former Chairman of the Board and CEO, Bechtel Group, Inc.
Stephen D. Bechtel, Jr., Chairman Emeritus and Senior Director, Fremont Group; Chairman, Retired and Senior Director, Bechtel Group, Inc.
Alan M. Dachs, President and CEO, Fremont Group
Richard E. Cavanagh, Senior Advisor, Fremont Group
Deborah L. Duncan, Senior Advisor, Fremont Group
Bob Peck, Managing Director, FPR Partners
Ernest H. Cockrell, Chairman, Cockrell Interests LLC
David J. O’Reilly, Former Chairman and CEO, Chevron Corporation
David R. Covin, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer, Fremont Group
Eric B. Dachs, Founder and CEO, PIX System
John E. Conlin, Former Co-President, NWQ Investment Management Company
Susan Webster, General Counsel, Fremont Group


Other Management

Sol Coffino, Senior Vice President Taxes and Acquisition Services, Fremont Group

Sol Coffino
Senior Vice President
Tax and Acquisition Services

Tanya Cota, Director and Corporate Controller, Fremont Group

Tanya Cota

Erin Wilms
Head of Client Services

Shu Huang, Senior Director of Tax and Client Relations, Head of Client Relations, Fremont Group

Shu Huang
Senior Director of Tax and
Client Relations

Louise Husin, Director of Human Resources, Fremont Group

Louise Husin
Director of Human Resources

Charles H. Lesem, Director of Planning and Treasury, Fremont Group

Charles H. Lesem
Director of Finance and Operations

Joseph Saenz, Ph.D., Fremont Group, Head of Quantitative Analytics

Joseph Saenz, Ph.D.
Head of Quantitative Analytics

Stuart E. Vaughn, Senior Counsel, Fremont Group

Stuart E. Vaughn
Assistant General Counsel