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Fremont Group® is the San Francisco-based private investment office for the Bechtel family. Fremont traces its roots to the early investments of the Bechtel Group, a leading global engineering, construction and project management company founded in 1898. Fremont Group was formed in 1980 as a subsidiary of the Bechtel Group and became a separate entity in 1986. Bechtel remains a private company and is in its fifth generation of family leadership.

Fremont’s investment strategy is to identify opportunities wherever they may arise with the potential for superior returns, while minimizing the risk of permanent loss of capital. The firm invests for the long term. It seeks opportunities where others cannot and is able to move quickly to capitalize on them. Fremont Group’s success as an investor has been based upon the values of integrity, fair dealing, teamwork, innovation and sound judgment.

Fremont invests directly through teams of professionals it sponsors as well as through other external managers. Fremont considers itself as a “business investor” due to its operating orientation and its commitment to partnership with its managers and portfolio companies to create value over the medium to long term.